Detached House KOMPAKT 4

This family residence is a compact building with effectively designed disposition. The functional design is reflected also in the exterior and minimalistic facades. The main area of the house is composed of a living room connected with kitchen and dining room. The living room is visually open, leading to the terrace and garden by a large French window. The terrace is protected from strong sun by a pergola. There is a fireplace in the main area. On the first floor there are bedrooms for parents and children, study and bathroom. Various equipment (water pipes, sewage, boiler) is all situated in one place to make the maintenance easier and lower the costs. The washing machine, dryer and boiler are in the utility room. There is a laundry shaft leading from the upstairs bathroom to the washing machine.

Author: Ing. arch. Marek Pavlas

Price from $189.000

Built-up area 592 ft2

Usable area 1103 ft2




Tampa, Florida, 33625

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