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Producer Happylife has been on the Slovak market since 2009. Since then they´ve created and continue to create unique products made from the highest quality ingredients. They are also a wholesaler bringing a broad portfolio of healthy products to our customers.

Producer’s  goal is to prepare products from clean sources that everyone can enjoy – without gluten, lactose, added sugar, preservatives and colourings. They try to create recipes ensuring that the harmony of flavours and benefits for the body are in balance.

Creating new organic products is very important to them and therefore strict quality controls of ingredients and the whole production process have become natural. They respect all of the unwritten rules of nature while being able to deliver high quality products full of taste. Organic production taught them to honour traditions and wisdom of their ancestors, as they believe that this is the only way to create products for a truly happier life.



Crispy buckwheat wafers are made according to a traditional recipe from organic buckwheat flour. They are one of our most popular products enjoyed by people from all age groups.

Regular consumption of buckwheat is good for one´s health – it is high in Vitamin B1 and B2 and thanks to its high rutin content keeps vessels in great shape. Our Grandma´s wafers are naturally gluten free and also don´t contain any dairy or soy components, artificial colourings and preservatives. Enjoy them in variety of sweet and savoury flavours.


  • Made according to a traditional recipe from organic buckwheat flour
  • Contain only naturally gluten-free ingredients
  • Without milk and soy components
  • A variety of flavours everyone can choose from


1st Slovak RAW bars produced in organic quality will fill you with energy, vitamins and valuable fibre.

These nutritious bars are designed according to the idea that people should eat crops that grow in their vicinity. These crops are best suited to keep energy balance of their bodies. The bars are made from carefully dried fruits and nuts and free of gluten, lactose or soy. They do not contain any added sugar (only natural sugar from fruits), colourants or preservatives. Great as a quick and healthy snack on the go!


  • Made with nutritious fruits, nuts and seeds of organic quality
  • 100% RAW – processed cold thus preserving all nutritional values
  • Naturally gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free
  • Sugar free – contains only natural sugars from fruits
  • Perfect travel companion


Try our currently most popular product – delicious organic coconut bars. Great option for everyone who wants to eat healthy but also has a sweet tooth.

These tasty bars are free from dairy, soy, hydrogenated fats and don´t contain any artificial colourings or sugars. They are sweetened only with rice syrup made from organic rice. Our coconut bars are also gluten free and suitable for vegans.


  • Naturally gluten-free
  • No added sugar, sweetened only with natural sweetener – organic rice syrup
  • Without milk and soy products
  • No colourings, starch or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegans


Reward yourself with a treat in the form of our crunchy chocolate bar. Enjoy the unique combination of delicious dark chocolate and buckwheat wafers in every bite. Even snacking can be healthier!

Do you crave chocolate, but also would like to have something crunchy? In that case HAPPYLIFE CHOCO BAR is the right choice for you! This excellent bar is produced manually only from the highest quality organic ingredients. Their delicious taste is a result of cocoa butter blended with pieces of delicate buckwheat wafers. The bars do not contain soy nor will you find any artificial colourants, added preservatives or artificial additives within them. They are gluten-free as well as lactose-free and GMO-free. These bars are sweetened only with natural organic agave syrup.
HAPPYLIFE CHOCO BAR is the right delicacy for people of all ages who have a sweet tooth.


  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Handmade
  • Does not contain soy
  • No colourants and preservatives
  • Without added sugar, sweetened only with natural organic agave syrup
  • Suitable for vegans


Did you miss breakfast? Are you planning to work out or going on a hike? Do you need stamina and quick energy boost or just something to snack on? Take our advice and try our no bake Organic oat bars! They are healthy and full of taste, containing gluten free oat flakes mixed with delicious fruit and nutritious nuts. They are sweetened with organic rice syrup.

Oat is great for general strengthening of organism as well as effectively lowering the cholesterol. Oat flakes contain lots of protein, minerals, vitamins of the B group, iron, phosphor and lecithin. They help protecting the colon and support digestion thanks to their high content of different kinds of fibre. In addition to these benefits our bars are made of gluten free oat flakes which means they are suitable for people with gluten free diet. And of course, they taste great in all four offered flavours.


  • Made of gluten free oat flakes
  • Oat is rich in fibre, contains valuable protein, minerals and vitamins
  • No bake, prepared according to special recipe
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Without colourants and preservatives
  • Sugar free, sweetened only with organic rice syrup
  • Suitable for vegans


This hand-made organic dark chocolate is an exclusive delicacy for all lovers of high-quality chocolate. Thanks to a gentle production technology it retains the typical velvety texture when melting on the tongue, characteristic for this type of organic chocolate.

HAPPYLIFE CHOCO is free from dairy components, hardened fats, soy lecithin and emulsifiers. It doesn’t contain refined sugar, cane sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is free from gluten, added flavourings, colourings or preservatives and contains no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). It is sweetened only with natural, low glycaemic agave syrup. This product is suitable for diabetics and vegans.


  • Contains only naturally gluten-free ingredients
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Sweetened only with natural, low glycaemic organic agave syrup
  • Free of dairy components, hardened fats, colourings, emulsifiers and soy lecithin


We bring you the unique taste of buckwheat in the form of pasta, free of eggs, made from organic buckwheat and organic spelt flour mix.

Buckwheat is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. It comes from Central and Southeast Asia and has been grown in Slovakia since the 12th-13th century. Due to its rutin content it keeps the vessels in great condition, improves their extensibility and shrinkage, and combined with vitamin C reduces the risk of thrombosis. Buckwheat also has a high content of vitamins B1 and B2 and another important vitamin – choline which regenerates liver cells damaged by illness or alcohol. Regular consumption of buckwheat is generally good for health.


  • Unmistakable flavour of buckwheat
  • Extremely beneficial to health



As the name suggests, this is a unique way of eating based on the dietary and living habits of our Stone Age ancestors who lived approximately 2.6 million years ago. Many people consider the paleo diet not only a diet, but a lifestyle.

Fats dominate over carbohydrates in the PALEO diet. The basis includes the intake of increased fats, a reasonable amount of proteins (20-25%) and a reduced amount of carbohydrates. This means the paleo diet is based on the principles of nature and our evolution. The human body is thus less burdened and gets a full and varied diet with the natural composition and representation of macro and micro-nutrients.

Classic paleo is one of the most widespread paleo forms while healthy fats, eggs, meat, fish, fresh vegetables, berries and especially nuts and seeds are the basis.

Our PALEO egg pasta in four variations is a great complement not only for the paleo diet.


  • They are naturally gluten-free and therefore suitable for a gluten-free diet
  • They are suitable for PALEO diet
  • They burden the human body less
  • No artificial additives
  • A unique taste


Favourite salty classic in healthier form made from high quality organic ingredients.

Those who love salty snacking will enjoy our salty sticks made from healthier kinds of flour based on spelt, buckwheat and rye. You can choose from two types of sprinkles – salt or sesame.


  • Made from high quality organic ingredients
  • No artificial additives and colourings


Organic rice syrup is a natural sweetener made from “environmentally friendly” grown rice grown without chemical treatments. It is used as a healthy substitute for sugar in both hot and cold food.

Due to its composition and lower glycaemic index our rice syrup doesn’t burden the pancreas. Compared to ordinary sugar it sweetens without causing gastric acidity (pH is higher), and even contributes to the acidification of the body (acting as an alkaline). At the same time, it doesn’t cause depletion of some of the important minerals in human body unlike the commonly used refined sugar. The advantage of rice syrup is zero fructose content. Excessive intake of fructose is associated with many diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, vaginal mycosis and many others. 100 g of rice syrup contains about 45 g maltose, 29 g glucose and 22 g polysaccharides.


  • It acts as an alkaline and doesn’t burden the pancreas
  • Zero fructose content


True Himalayan pink salt mined from one of the oldest natural resource on Earth is the purest type of salt. It has excellent taste and because of its unique composition and quantity of minerals it has many positive effects on health.

100% natural Himalayan crystal salt doesn’t contain any additives. It helps cleanse the body from harmful substances, helps digestion and cell oxygenation, it de-acidifies organism, cleans blood vessels, normalises blood pressure and hormone levels, it is also effective against asthma and allergies. It is suitable for everyday use in the kitchen. It can be used to season any food and is a suitable alternative for rock or sea salt. It is also excellent as a bath salt. Available in a 500 g package.


  • High mineral content
  • From pure sources, no additives



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