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LERAS TRADE, LLC –is a private consulting and business company whose main business is to create the right conditions to satisfy its customers and business partners by offering high quality products and products as well as the most efficient and effective services.
In its current form, the company has separate organizational units that copy the business activities that the company carries out.

-We are an exclusive partner of organic producers, RAW, PALEO, gluten-free, lactose-free and traditional products, wholesaler, broad portfolio distributor organic food and health food. Organic production has taught us to satisfy the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors, because we believe that this is the only way to create products for a truly happier life.

- building supply & development company who provides consulting, service, training, and the supply of goods that are made-to-order.The company has a team of creative architects who cooperate with US builders to achieve one simple goal: to build the home of your dreams. Our homes offer modern design with the combination of new building systems and part American conservatism.

Times change-- and Americans don’t use only five-liter cars anymore, but are starting to revere hybrids & Tesla cars more, and in that same way they’re looking for clean lines and low economic costs when it comes to the design of a house. Our homes satisfy both of these aspects. They look more unique, are innovative, and also have a high utility value in which no space is wasted space. Younger people no longer want a palace with big gardens and high demanding maintenance, but rather prefer urban homes with more ease and compactness all around.

Our 1. project in USA : Modern City Homes located in Downtown Sarasota.

LERAS TRADE, LLC exclusively represents these leading European companies:

  • Happy life ORGANIC - Our goal is to bring and distribute organic products from clean sources that everyone can enjoy - gluten-free, lactose, added sugar, preservatives, and dyes to balance the harmony of taste and benefits for the human body.
    The distribution of new organic products is very important for us and therefore has become a natural strict quality control of the ingredients and of the entire production process. We respect all unspoken rules of nature and at the same time be able to deliver quality, tasteful products.
  • Green Cone - (ecological GECON board for building and renovating houses, apartments, and garden houses. Due to its unique properties, it offers a broad range of applications: partition walls, casings, sound insulation, thermal insulation, custom design walls, etc.)
  • ALUPLAST - (vinyl windows and doors for passive and low energy houses)
  • LED SOLAR - (quality LED lighting for interior, exterior, street, industrial, etc.)
  • RIVIERA POOL - (pre-fabricated swimming pools for private gardens and public baths, for hotels, and on cruise ships. Comfort, consistent quality& design and sophisticated technology are based on 40 years of experience and innovation.)
  •  Importer of CLT – (cross-laminated timber): - An advanced solid wood building system with Swiss know-how. - A comprehensive building system of large format components made of cross-laminated solid wood (CLT – cross-laminated timber)



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