Detached House KOMPAKT 1

adds a new element to the seemingly exhausted topic of small family residences, emphasizing the architectonic quality and the needs of its inhabitants. Simple mass and balanced arrangement of window openings in the wooden facade harmonize with the functional disposition effectively using each of the 100 square metres of usable area. On the ground floor, there is a vestibule, open space for a larger dining table, seating area, kitchen, separated study or working area and sleeping area for guests. All these elements are symetrically interconnected with the interior as well as outside terrace. The first floor can be divided in several ways. The basic option is standard for a four member family – a big bedroom, two children bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower enclosure. The usually unused attic under the roof offers enough space to serve as a utility room and to store seasonal equipment. The well thought-out disposition and construction observing the NOVATOP design principles eliminates excessive building expenses; the shape of the house, size and arrangement of openings allow meeting the passive building criteria (in case of proper realization and appropriate equipment).

Authors: Ing. arch. Jakub Loučka

Price from $177.000

Built-up area 732 ft2

Usable area 1087ft2




Tampa, Florida, 33625

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